Whether you’ve been through a deployment before or are coming up on your first one, you will love learning from fellow milspouse, Becky Hoy, on how to thrive during deployment. Becky is the founder of Brave Crate, the deployment care package for military spouses.

Counting down to reuniting with your your service member is one of the hardest parts of deployment. That’s why each month Brave Crate sends a box of curated self development and personal wellness products that allow spouses to shift their focus away from counting the days and onto setting goals and finding joy- so they can conquer deployment and meet her spouse at homecoming as the strongest and most resilient version of herself.

In Episode 011 We Talk About:

  • Advice for making the most of deployment (or really any hard season of life)
  • How Brave Crate got it’s start and how it works
  • What Brave Crate is doing for the spouses and the military community as a whole

To learn more about Brave Crate visit www.bravecrates.com

You can also find them on Instagram @bravecrate or on Facebook here.

Becky also shares weekly tips and inspiration as a blogger for Brave Blog and and has curated a deployment-positive support community for military spouses called Brave Board.

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